Katie-bree is an utmost professional. But not only that, you feel you have a friend by your side throughout the editing process. She listens to your woes, your creative breakdowns, but she also offers sage advice that doesn’t encroach on your creativity. 

Katie-bree wants you to succeed, so any feedback she provides always comes from a good place. She’s been my sounding board, my advisor, and at times, the saviour of my sanity. 

I would highly recommend Katie-bree to anyone who prefers the personal touch when editing something so close to their heart, but particularly with new authors just starting out on their journey.

Katie Epstein.

Author of The Terra Vane Series.


After spending over two years searching for an editor for my WIP, I’d almost given up. Most either didn’t understand where I was going or wanted to change my voice and character. Not to mention charged crazy amounts of money without offering revisions.

Then, Katie-bree reached out to me. And after almost three years of working with her, I can say without a doubt; it’s the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s not only good at what she does, she’s easy to work with, willing to brainstorm any problems I’ve faced within the story and always giving me the push I need whenever I get that dreaded writer’s block (which thanks to her, I’ve avoided a full year!).

Layali Grimshaw.

Author of Open Retribution.


Katie-bree Reeves of Fair Crack of the Whip Editing has been my editor for my last two books. I was so pleased with her work, style and attention to detail that I asked her to re-edit the first book in my trilogy, which had originally been edited by a different professional. I preferred Katie’s style as well as the working relationship we had developed. The level of communication and her accessibility was a huge advantage in moving the pace of my work at the rate I’d hoped to. I would highly recommend her services and have done so to several of my fellow authors.

Effie Kammenou

Author of The Gift Saga Trilogy.


Katie Reeves is the type of editor that will make your story truly shine. She always goes out of her way to support the writer no matter the level of knowledge and if you need someone to respect your work for what it is then look no further than Katie. I’ve had the pleasure to see how caring and gentle she can be with all types of works and people. She listens to ideas with no judgement and flourishes your work with deft hands and a keen eye for details. Unlike others, I’ve found Katie to be realistically supportive of a writer’s vision. I’ve not found anyone to equal her skills as of yet!

Diana Ferris

Author of Weird and Wonderful Holiday Romance Anthology.


Since April of this year Katie-bree has been editing my short stories. I Initially became interested in her services through Goodreads.com. I was impressed with the comprehensive description of her services. I write mostly science fiction and fantasy fiction, and since this seems to be what interests Katie-bree, she is the perfect choice to edit my work.

Her comments and suggestions regarding my work are always thoughtful and helpful. She understands what keeps readers “reading”. She is opinionated but her criticism is always constructive. She knows what proper punctuation and grammar are and is always helping me with adverbs, “ing” words and showing rather than telling. 

With each review Katie-bree offers thorough suggested changes to illustrate her intent and follows up to see if I have any questions.

Finally, she delivers all of this on a timely basis.

I am very satisfied with the efforts of Katie-bree on my behalf and will continue to employ her to read and edit my work in the future. 

Wally Long

July 2015


I had the pleasure to make Katie-bree’s acquaintance two years ago when she advertised her services in Goodreads. After a flurry of chats, and as an impoverished author(!) who couldn’t afford a full edit, I asked her to provide a critique of book 1 in the series I was working on. She was a novice editor at this time but her thoughts and advice were full of insight and although I hadn’t paid extra to edit it, she did a brief copy edit as she worked through the manuscript. If anything, I’d actually say she’s too polite! I know my writing isn’t perfect but her suggestions usually end with “… I suggest xxx and what are your thoughts? Perhaps we can talk more about this?” Nine times out of ten I take her advice. After the critique was complete, we brainstormed until the manuscript was transformed.

After publishing this book, I had no hesitation in giving her the next one to edit. Katie-bree’s edits (for me) are a combination of developmental and copy. Again, we worked on this until I felt it was ready to publish.

I am more than happy with Katie-bree’s work and have no hesitation in recommending her services. She is unfailingly polite and courteous who will work diligently with you until your words are ready to print.

Lia Peele. Author of The Definition Series.

September 2019




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