The Writing Den.

Ahh, so you’ve discovered the The Writing Den!

While editing is my trade, I also enjoy writing, just like the rest of you, and while I’ll still update you all on social media and on my blog , I thought this might be a fun place to share some info on the books I write or have in-progress.

First of all, let’s start with my first published book, Diary of a Witch!!! I was so excited when I was asked to be a guest author for this AMAZING series, The Terra Vane Series, written by Katie Carys! As an editor for her work, I love her characters and the world she has created and I jumped at the chance.

Diary of a Witch is a short story focusing on one of the side characters, Mayra the witch, as she struggles to come to terms with her dark powers. If you would also like to read the full series, check out my portfolio!

Diary of a Witch 1


Even more exciting, Katie Carys and I are going to be collaborating a lot more and I have already started writing another story for the Terra Vane Series, this time focusing on a different side character, Rosie! And even better, this one will be longer, a novella or maybe even full blown novel depending if I run out of things to say (and I rarely do lol). So stay tuned as I keep you updated!!!

Rosie's Story.


Even though collaborating is a lot of fun, I also have my own WIP!! This one is going to take a while, I won’t lie, but I am having a blast writing it. I have always enjoyed reading fantasy, so I figured why not write one. Easy right? WRONG!! Getting out of editing mode and into author gear is easier said than done but I am learning a lot along the way, including some bad ass mythological stories 😉

To be honest with you, I don’t have a title yet (seems I don’t tend to have a working title straight off the bat with any of my stories xP ) But it will be a heavy fantasy novel with some sci-fi elements, written from multiple POV. I plan on having some kick ass, morally grey characters in this one with a story laced with myth and high in action and uncertainty.

Lacking a title, I’ve donned a fantasy image for this one. But keep tuned as I update you!!!

Beautiful Fantasy Image - used as book on website


Well, there’s many more ideas running around in my head, but let’s see where this takes us first. I’ll add or update more as we go. I can’t wait to share them all with you!!!

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